Hyseal is a crystalline reactive waterproofing compound applied as either an admixture in fresh concrete or as a slurry or mortar to existing concrete, block and brick masonry surfaces and structures.

Hyseal is composed of a blend of moisture activated chemicals, high grade fine aggregates and selected high performance cements.
When mixed with water and applied to the surface or added to fresh concrete as an admixture a crystalline chain reaction develops which penetrates deep into the capillary structure of the concrete and into fissures and cracks.
Hyseal is effective on all cement systems and low density brickwork.

The existing moisture and free lime held within the substrate is utilised by chemical reaction to create a continuous barrier of insoluble crystals, driving away moisture and ensuring a permanent watertight concrete. Hyseal will, however, allow the transmission of air and water vapour through the concrete, thus allowing it to “breathe” whilst remaining waterproof.

The chemical reaction which Hyseal utilises will be reactivated without further treatments. Should water penetrate the concrete, the dormant crystallised chemicals reactivate on contact with moisture and will effectively reseal the concrete. In this manner Hyseal offers the security of latent, built-in protection.

Hyseal maximises a combination of complex chemical reactions together with a simple, straight-forward application technique. The system effectively blocks the passage of water in concrete by filling the capillaries and micropores of crystalline developments.

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