For over 30 years, Hyseal has been trusted as the concrete waterproofing solution for the prestigious world communications hub that is Dubai International Airport.

In 1984, Balfour Beatty and consulting engineers Bechtel International  were awarded the construction of Dubai International Airport Terminal 1.

Initially, bitumen based sheet membrane was specified for foundation waterproofing, but due to its problematic history in the region and the site location having a high water table, with brackish ground water, both the consulting engineer and contractor wanted a more permanent and robust waterproofing system to protect this prestigious project, at the time, the largest airport terminal construction world-wide.

After in-depth tests and research, Hyseal was selected to be added as a concentrate on construction joints and kickers and applied as a slurry coating, in 2 coats, to the whole of the below ground concrete foundations.

Hyseal No 1 slurry was applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and kept damp for 10 days, using hessian sacking, kept damp by water spraying. No other protection was applied other than degradable protection board to protect the slurry surface from backfill damage.

Terminal 1 has now been operating 31 years, without any reported foundation leaks or concrete corrosion. In 2015, a major re-furbishment of Terminal 1 will be completed, with the original foundation structure still in place and Hyseal continuing to give dormant waterproofing protection and re-bar steel passivity.

Case Study 1
Case Study 1
Case Study 1

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